Violation without committing infringement

Estava fazendo meu vôo observado o tempo todo, não cometi nenhuma infração, no momento estou na grade 5, e quando finalizo o meu vôo me aparece isso 0.05 violação, só quero entender que não cometi nenhuma infração e apareceu isso para eu.

Verifique seu diário de bordo e confirme que você não recebeu nenhuma violação.
Eu usei o Google Tradutor, então se ele não estiver 100% correto, você saberá o porquê.

I used google translate so if it isn’t 100% right, you’ll know why.

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Here is marking that I am in grade 4 friend.

You can speak English, cool.

What I mean is this
Hop onto Infinite Flight then go to Logbook (Should be at the bottom left of the screen).
Then look at the flight in which you were demoted to grade 4 from grade 5.

Here’s my logbook. The flight I did was SBFL / SBGL.

Yeah, I don’t know you’ll have to ask someone else.

You try as much as possible to simulate realistically and the proprietary simulator manipulates you sometimes I can not understand, a lot has to be analyzed still in this simulator. Thanks for trying to help.

It shows you exactly what doesn’t meet the next grade, that being the ratio of violations to landings over the last 12 months. Due to rounding, while the limit is 0.05, and yours show 0.05, yours could very easily be 0.051 or 0.052. Just keep landing without accruing violations and it will sort itself out.

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With all the detail added to the grade table recently, why not include total violations and landings for the last 12 months?

Thank you very much for your attention.