Violation with a freezed app

Good morning.
I was flying 5 Minutes ago from LOWI to LOWW with manual thrust (AP on, A/T off). So climbing out of Innsbruck the IF-app on my phone freezed about 2 minutes. In the meantime i got 3 violations regarding max. speed.

Today is the day my home aiport (LOWI) is in ATC schedule. Is there a possibility to contact support for deleting at least 1 violation? It wasn’t a mistake - i think it was an app error, i had the problem several times before (app IF is freezing for about 60-120 sec. - iPhone XR).

Greetings from INN


Recently I had the same issue on my iPad 2018. I fixed this by exiting the app (not closing it) and waiting about 4-7 second before returning.

For developers:
Device: iPad 2018
IF settings: maximum
Internet connection: probably stable
A/P: turned on

This happened to me only once when I was flying over Switzerland (LSZH - LFMN) on A319. It was Training Server. I didn’t check my internet connection, but probably it was ok. Can it be issue because of live replays, which probably can take a lof of memory (in total)?
I haven’t deleted all of my flight replays since 19.01 and I guess the issue can be here. Before 19.01 I didn’t have this problem.

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Did you have any other apps running in the background?
Can you provide a screen shot of your graphics settings?

In most cases app freeze is not an issue with the app.

Try turning off anti aliasing and reduce the graphic settings to “best”.
Also try taking off with the Dash 8 with a lower speed. Please reduce your throttle power during the takeoff phase. It is a little unusual to go above 250kts below 10,000ft with this aircraft.

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May I ask for your device specs and what setting you were using

Advice: before every flight restart your ipad or iphone. Resetting ram does nothing since apps you closed will reopen, restarting will reduce the likelkyness for your app to crash or freeze.

Or reduce graphic settings

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