Violation,why to much?

hello, I wanted to know if the violations are received only when you fly online or offline, and how can I have so many violations when’m very careful?Thank you

You get vilations on live for overspending under FL100. Overspending while taxiing. Landing to big of plane at to small of an airfield. Idling on a runway. So if you have done any of those 3 or more times you kicked off advanced.

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What determines allowed air frames?

The limit is 35ts. on the taxiway. Going over will result in a violation. @MarcelloM
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Thank you @Brandon_Sandstrom but the violations we get just when they show us or not?

Yes when they show us and it shows your count at the end of each flight

but this is impossible, I have about 400 violations but have not done 400 flights and almost never during my flights do breach the maximum I think I’ve done 100 …

You can receive multiple violations for the same thing if you don’t correct it fast enough. Maybe @DIsraelFDS can explain this better then I and he maybe able to break your violations down for you.

Thank you so much! @Brandon_Sandstrom @DIsraelFDS can you help me?

You can receive and be assessed multiple violations during any flight.
Be careful to watch for the warnings before a violation is assessed to avoid the penalty.
After a warning, another message will appear briefly stating the violation that is assessed.
After every Live flight there is a post flight snapshot that includes your violations, standing and experience (among other things) numbers to review.

I am not able to determine a comprehensive breakdown of the violation history.

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