Violation while taxing across runway. (Please share thoughts)

So a little context: At the time I was at YSSY and my callsign was Air China 5357 heavy. I was given permission to cross runway 07. As I was about to cross runway a problem was evident, as 777 was leaving the runway facing the opposite direction, and a 737 was ahead of me.

See Picture Below

Just as I entered runway 07, ATC ordered me to hold position, however at the time I was on the runway, I knew what the problem was however I believed I had right of way over the 777 because I was on the runway at the time and was taxiing I asked ATC to stand by as I planned to expedite my crossing of runway 07 then hold short after I passed to allow the 777 to pull onto the taxiway. Yes I was aware the 777 was short of the marker and was technically on the runway however, I believed I should expedite ahead and clear the space for the 777. Also if the 777 had pulled onto the taxiway first then we would have faced head-on and that would be a huge problem, a 747 sitting on a runway.

I tried to taxi ahead but unfortunately, I received a level 2 violation for not following orders.

What do you guys think I or the ATC should have done?

BTW I am not blaming the ATC for this misunderstanding, I have Pm him so hopefully we can solve this problem!

Safe Flying!

Hi there, as we haven’t been involved and could only speculate, it would be best to discuss this with the controller first (and invite @appeals to the PM afterwards if you feel that the violation is unjustified and should be removed).

It’s great that you have already PM’ed the controller and I am sure you can get this solved, but it’s always better to first discuss in a PM then publicly. Thanks!

Ok thanks, would you prefer me to remove this post or leave it here?

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If it’s fine for you probably just delete it as such topics most of the time lead to speculations (equally how good the intent). But feel free to decide :)

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It’s possible ATC was planning for the 777 to cross ahead of you, but behind the 737 onto that taxiway on the right of the screen. In all cases it’s always best to follow ATC instructions, especially on ground which is not a critical phase of flight.

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Honestly, your reasoning makes sense. And to be honest, I think a give way command would’ve been better suited. However, technically both of you were leaving the runway. If you’re told to to hold position, ATC command trumps all other “right of way” commonalities.

But you’re argument does make sense, and I highly recommend you message @appeals . If you can’t make the pm on your own, let me know and I can set it up for you.

Here’s my question though. Was that runway your were crossing in use at that time?

Can a mod please close this post, I’ve contacted @Carloslikesplanes23

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