Violation while parked?

So far I’ve been having glitches with my infinite flight app… Pushed back, Parked, went to grab something, you know the next thing while at Parked, it shows as if I was moving while the throne being at 0… ??

Did you forget to set the brakes?

Use this site to share your replay so we can try and see what happened

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You got a violation because

  1. You ran off the runway, and the grass is within the taxi area, therefore it is subject to violations.
  2. Your N1 was obviously not at 0%, or else you would not have moved.

What I think it happened is you ran off the rwy, then you got the violation and you applied brakes, when you were fully stopped you took the screenshot, as @Chatta290 said, could you send the replay?

You should not be in the grass in the first place.


Please don’t provide false info.

He has one violation, for taxiing over 35 knots.

Nothing to do with grass or parking spot. (Obviously planes don’t go there…but I think that might fall under the category of “how did my plane move while I was away?”)


It also falls under sub category of "watching a replay would answer to my questions, "

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You taxied to fast, you more then likely forgot your brakes.

I checked my playbacks, and it didn’t record it :( just my past flights while playing expert mode.

Why would it not be on N1?? pushing back means just pushing back dude, obviously I’ve been using this game for a while, I’ve been having issues with it, showing just grass on the runway, that’s how I’ve gotten other violations, also while landing it shows that I was still in air, either there’s a bad glitch on my game, or there’s obviously something wrong with my New phone, S10+… So I’m sorry that I had to post this, I wouldn’t post it if I didn’t care… have a great day Altaria55!

No false I go here bro… but thanks anyways (:

@Ponchiiz Please do this so we can get a better outline of what happened. Thanks.

No need to be rude

Not being rude at all, simply explaining the answer to the cause in the replay file even if i got the violations

You Said it in a rude way tho i’t would have been okay if you didn’t include the d’oh

My bad…fixed it.

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