Violation which was not

I am flying from Dublin to Amsterdam. on the way to Amsterdam I contact the center and request a landing at the airport. After a while I get a warning for “Unable to communicate” from Neto_Campelo. Why the violation, after all, I myself initiated communication with the dispatcher on the way?

  1. First contact
  2. ILS request
  3. Dispatcher response
  4. Confirmation “continue as filed”
  5. Violation

Also, I attach a flight record:


Contact @ appeals with your replay handy and someone will take a look and see if your violation can be reversed. You can also contact your controller which was @Neto_Campelo to get a better understanding of what happened if you want as well.

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I had a very similar problem today, I received a violation, but I’ve done nothing wrong. In retrospect, it turned out, that the ATC sent instructions, but I didn’t receive them… Was probably a connection issue. Since 21.6 my connection to the live server (indicated by the green dot in the top right of the screen) is a little unstable sometimes, the green dot flashes for a couple of seconds (from green to red and vice versa) and probably that was the issue for me… Looks like you experienced something similar, just contact your ATC and I’m sure the issue can be cleared up. But maybe the devs should have a look at it as well, because before 21.6 it never happened to me.


There is no need to send this to the appeals team since this was a disconnect, not an actual report. There is a bug where disconnected users see that they receive a level 3 violation when in fact that hasn’t been the case.

Either way, the best advice I have is for you to contact the controller, @Neto_Campelo in this case and sort this out through DMs.

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It’s a bug. The reason is the one to focus on.


You can still contact appeals to better understand why you were reported.


For me it was the case, I received a violation, which was visible in the violation history.

Perhaps it really was just a disconnect, since the violation did not load in the grade table.

In this case I think it would be best if you contacted the appeals team for further clarification on this violation.

Strangely, I also had this issue 2 days ago. Was also doing EIDW-EHAM

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Yeah, that’s what I did, everything is cleared up. Looks like it was a bug or something, as I said, maybe the devs should be aware of the problem, since it is not an individual case anymore (thats at least how it looks to me right now)

Very strange, maybe we should send this thread to a dev?

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I believe that this issue has been raised with the developers already. No news on actions to be taken though.


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