Violation Warning not showing up.

Hey all. yesterday i was flying from KMEM-KMSP in the new MD11 and was beginning my decent into MSP below 250 knots. I was at 230 knots and when i landed after going through and slowing the plane down and landing i noticed i had a few violations. There wasn’t a red banner or even a warning that popped up that said i was over speeding which i wasn’t. im not sure if its a glitch or something happened. But all the feedback would be appreciated and maybe a staff member could help me. im a careful pilot and know all the speed restrictions, so im not sure why i didnt receive a warning even though i was going 230 knots.

Infinite flight version: Latest


Are you sure you weren’t overspending during the cruise?

i was at m.79 i know for a fact i wasnt overspeeding at cruise. 280knots IAS

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The trijets have a tendency to gain speed above the AP setting on descent if you’re not careful. I can’t speak to whether there was or wasn’t a warning, but it’s very easy for the speed to creep above 250 if you’re not paying attention.


Yah apparently. I was paying attention the whole time. The device didn’t leave my hand

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During descent, yeah I assume not.

I meant, if you don’t keep a good eye on the speed tape for even a second or two. I’m just say that because it’s happened to me. I fiddle with something on the right side and all of the sudden my speed was creeping up. Whereas in a 737 you can be sure your speed will pretty much stay at the AP setting, with the trijets, there’s a very different descent profile. They can gain speed above the setting quickly. Happened to me the other day, too.

This version would be 17.12.0 as “latest” isn’t a version. Just wanted to point that out for future issues and as a reference.


Okay… well I didnt know the version… as I don’t look

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Yah. But as I descended I lower my speed hence why I always go 230 knots so I don’t have that probelm and was only at -1300 Vertical speed with flight spoilers out

I’ll see if we can repro this. I just heard Harry Cook experienced the same thing.

Just one question:

How do you know you received it during descent as you didn’t receive any messages what so ever about it?

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Ive had the same problem but I got the message informing me Ive got a violation, was watching the screen as I was preparing to turn base. Speed was sat smoothly at 230IAS, Spoilers on and descending -200Fpm. Only got the 1 violation as I quit straight after to avoid further violations due to knowing I was well below the speed limits.

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Bc my speed during cruise was at m.79 which was no where close to the barber pole. And I always set 230 as my descent speed on all airplanes so this doesn’t happen. But I appreciate the help.

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Unable to confirm




iPhone SE 11.2PB6



Climb out, Cruise, and decent warnings all worked

I did find that if the spoilers where not deployed. With IAS set to 230, and 1300 fpm decent. It will gradually increase the IAS to the point of overspeed.

What’s going on in the third pic? Did you just pull back on that to avoid a violation or?

Yea just wanted to catch the warning

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Well i can promise that I didn’t overspeed. I was at 230 and slowing down. Thanks for the input though

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I just experienced this with the DC10-F was on an Air 2 and was in control the entire time I land at my destination after completing an AR track exit the runway and end the flight I was already waiting for my last vios to drop off which would have been this evening. I log off and yea 6 more vios. was in possitive control of the entire flight from take-off acent and cruise which was at FL280 at M0.80 to landing descent which was calculated And was in descent at -vs 1200 at 220knts to KWRI. I’m all for accepting responsibility and taking licks, but I am more than possitive this was not warrented, and if it was i would like to know, I can’t learn from what I cant see. Again Thank you for your time and please let me know the findings.

I knew i wasnt the only one experiencing this. Harry and now yourself have had this happen to yourselves

Yea it was weird like I said I’ll take my licks no problems just want to know what happened is all.