Violation warning noise while in outside view

I was just flying a Q400 and was in the locked outside camera and I was looking away during cruise to watch some TV, when I looked back a few minutes later I had a speed violation warning and then a logged speed violation. The only way I could’ve gotten a warning was through the overspeed noise in the cockpit or by looking at my device. I strongly believe there should be a noise to warn that a speed violation is imminent when in outside views of the aircraft so that people who look away from or set their device down while in cruise could have a fair warning when they begin to accidentally overspeed.

Simple solution: don’t leave your device while your plane is very close to overspeeding.

Better yet: Don’t get close to overspeeding in the first place. There is no reason to be near that red bar.


There is a noise I believe says “over speed”.

Hello, don’t leave device unattended until cruise. Also, watch speed is below 250 under 10,000ft. Finally, vote for your own feature 😉

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can I add:
Overspeed: when speed indicator goes into red bar and voice says overspeed a voice. No vio unless under 10k

Overspeed: when you go faster than 250knts
below 10,000ft vio given after warning

the fist one can’t get you a vio unless below 10k ft

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You can still get a vio above 10k ft if you exceed the red bar by too much


Yeah the same thing happened to me

Leave your camera view on hud or cockpit when you leave your device