Violation vvts

Who is Gregorios P? Flying into vvts he just blocked me for what reason!!!
Why u dropped me to level2!!!
Ground was offline when i crossed the rwy…

Looking forward to an answer…

@Georgios_P is your controller. Please pm him thanks!


Why did u give me a violation?
I was flying a q400 and there are rules to fly such planes, u cannot expect me to rush just because… and was it necessary to drop to 2!!!
Sometimes those violation buttons should be removed from unexperience controlers… sorry…

The said controller has been tagged and will reach out to you via PM. Meanwhile, do avoid publicly shaming controllers here.

I wasn’t your controller. Please take a look at this: Inquiring About Violations since it’s been a while since you posted on the IFC

My issue this gregorios was rushing me to land and the q400 has it set speeds to fly/land… then i exit rwy cause i saw a close widebody inbound and suddenly ground is offline… it was just too much too fast… i don’t believe i caused any issues tha it deserves such level2…

Contact your controller pls

It’s Georgios P.

Again, your best bet would be to contact your controller or @appeals to get it settled.

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Please just take it to a PM.

You don’t need to continue replying to this topic

Contact @Georgios_P and @appeals. We’d be happy to assist!