Violation-to-Landing Ratio

Just a quick question. Due to the new expert requirements I can’t get on. Trying to get my landing count up. Which number to trust?

One is total. One is past 12 months. So both.

Is this
“A pilot’s violation count may be no greater than 50% of their landing count.
Example: You may have no more than 50 violations if you have 100 landings.”
Total or past 12 months?
Fonts see any other requirement about landing count for expert.
Except Grade 3 which I have

It’s now a rolling 12 month period. So the 108 is used for that purpose because the other 30 happened prior to a year ago today. Same goes for the violations, though, so it’s actually beneficial for those who’ve corrected.

Those that continue to receive vios at the same clip, not so much.

Your landing count needs to be a 2/1 ratio to your violation count. You will need 174 landings till you have access to Expert Server. Do some touch and goes in a Cessna and you will be there in no time! :)

Just was confused about the discrepancy. @Tim_B cleared it up really nicely. Yes I heard about the new requirements. Read my post please

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