Violation time frame inaccuracy FIXED

I’ve noticed this a few times but after receiving violations when you can’t fly on expert server the grace doesn’t revert automatically after 7 days. I’ve got 3 lvl 1 violations (over speed) which happening over 7 days ago and I have little enough violations in the last 7 days to fly on expert sever. I’ve attached photos to prove that these happened over 7 days ago and am still grade 2.


Hey there, just do a quick flight on the training/casual server and that should allow you to be back up in grade 3 and access the expert server.

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Hello there,

I was also asking me that most of the time when a violation had to be gone. I finally figured out what make the wait, at least, for me.

1. It may be 7 days but not entirely because you are on the 7th day but not at the time you received the violation.

2. You are on the 7th day with the good time then you just need to wait for a little, that is what I experience each removed violation.

Hope this helped you, blue skies !

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