Violation system is broken in trainer server

I got overspeed violations on decent again like every time I try and do flight I was doing an AAL flight where I go to each AAL hub so I was doing the first flight and when VNAV activated something seemed way of mainly bc of the flight planning so I was correcting 3 aircraft had volume turned all the way up so I could listen for over speed everything seemed fine no overspeed I land 1 aircraft while have another on gonna right behind it and I look back and I got to many violations of overspeed and out of curiosity why it only u get violation on overspeed but not when taking off on a landing runway or landing on a take off runwat like i thought these violation systoms where to keep the realism in place why is it that u only get violations for speeding but not for (pushing back with out a flight planed or taking off on landing runways like at IAH pilots be taking off on 8R when that’s a landing runway and people land on 15s and 33s and those are take off runways why is it that u don’t get violations for that but u get violations for overspeeding) or like when we are below 10,000ft why doesn’t the aircraft say

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Nothing is wrong here. The system violation activates after 20 seconds.

Also, if you over 250 knots airspeed below 10,000 feet? If so, that’s why you got the violation. If you were also over 345 knots above 10,000 feet, you would’ve received a violation.


Hmmm, I don’t see anything wrong here. The vio system activates after 20 seconds

Taking off doesn’t do that bc the winds might not be in the favor of pilots

These violations are to keep realism but u see people take off on landing runways only or land on take off runways only why is there no violations for that along with pushing back with no flight plan filed but u get violations for overspeeding and if u are going to enforce speeding where is the sound why is there no sound when below 10,000ft if u go to 260kts why is there no overspeeding sound

Ok, pushing back without a flight plan won’t ever been a reason for a lvl 1 violation. Pilot may be doing VFR Flying or doing patterns which is pretty common

There is no way to know a landing runway exactly without the presence of active ATC. The visual aid of colours depending on winds is a recommendation. Of course if you are taking off right straight to landing aircraft you may be subject to a level 3 violation by ATC or even without active ATC by a moderator or a supervisor.

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Ok but what about the sound look at the google drive link u hear the over speed over speed over speed like why is that not set to 260 below 10,000ft why is that only set to 349

In Expert Sever, that won’t happen if there is IFATC present. In Casual and Training Server, that is common. Unfortunately nothing can be done about that.

For reasons such as pilots doing patterns or VFR Flying.

Yes, there is no sound, but the warning will come up. It is the pilots responsibility to manage their speed.

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The landings on take off runways and take off on landing runways I have seen that all of the time even in expert server and I fly 4 different aircraft at once bc I find it hard to get a flight together so when I am monitoring one aircraft I listen to other aircraft for overspeed when I hear that I have a chance to quickly react

And that was just me flying in solo mode getting the sound to prove a point

If that’s the case, monitoring all four of the aircrafts is your responsibility.

In addition to that, from what you’ve told us, these violations will not be removed as they are your fault.

That was after the violation thing

That’s not a violation. Solo mode is made to you to test things, it’s like a sandbox mode but for all the world. The overspeed warning appears to you at 349 because you are exceeding the maximum safe speed for that aircraft at that altitude, nothing to really worry

Pilot error here. You are responsible for monitoring your speed and should do so according to your aircraft. You had an entire 20 seconds to fix the speed before receiving violations. If you’re listening for the over speed sound, you’re also likely flying way too fast for descent.

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well for one 260 below 10k is definitely not overspeeding the aircraft. it’s only when the aircraft speeds up beyond its max that it sounds. I know bc I did a CLT-ATL flight in like 30min at 800kts in a 78X on CS

There’s no such thing as only landing runways or only departures,a rujway can be both departed from and arrived onto.

I am ok with that I am just saying there needs to be a sound when u are overspeeding that’s all I ask so when I am flying that I can quickly react when I hear it bc the 777s u set a speed but sometimes when descending bc of there gient engines it is really hard to control the speed

Maybe that’s how some airports are some have that in place like in KIAH which is my home airport in real life u will never see landings on 15s and 33s bc they are departures only on 8s and 26s sure u have some friaters that take off those runways every once in a while but not like every day of the week

There is a feature request for this.You should vote for it!

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If that is the case why do we get violations for it?