Violation rules (overwhelming)

During my departure I turned on my Auto Pilot and I went to the bathroom. When I went back I saw 5 violations because of over speed.

I understand the community trying to simulate the real world, but respectively this rules is silly. Why I get 5 violations in the same minute?? Sometimes we need to leave our devices for urgent issues before reaching the cruising altitude and it really effect our garde. Now I have to wait for a whole week because of this!!!

Can you please support and understand the situation??

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You should always be aware of your situation. If you had set your autopilot speed correctly and stayed within the allowed limits, there would have been no reason to get a violation.
I have left my device alone many times in a hurry and not had an issue because I take a few seconds just to make sure it’s safe to leave alone.

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Well, I’m guessing you didn’t set your speed on the autopilot, 250 knots below 10,000 is not just the rule here, it’s used in real life.

I set it up, but when u reach over 26,000ft the max speed reduced.

We’re you flying the Q400?

I did set it up correctly, but when I reached 26k ft the max speed reduced. While my speed was within the limit

But again this is something you should be aware of before hand. Flying 340kts (or a similarly high speed) above 10,000ft will result in it being too fast at a higher altitude.

If you need to slow down when you reach higher altitudes, then you’ve been going too fast. I personally never exceed 280kts on the climb up to cruise, and then if I need to speed up slightly to reach the correct Mach speed, I can and I can do so safely without recieving a violation for overspeed


It was Tbm-930

Violations are given out every 20 seconds after the initial warning.

The best advice is to not leave your device during critical stages of flight.The higher you go the lower the air speed limit is. So setting AP for 340 may result in violations if you climb so high that 340 is now over the limit. Limits are different per aircraft.

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I think the big take here is that you’ve already received a violation and best thing to do now is take it with your head high and stay with your device during the critical stages of a flight next time

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The speed was 250 knots loool

Ok, but you are still overspeeding the airframe at the altitude. My point was general across other aircraft.

@AlphaKilo has summed it up pretty well, we learn from our mistakes 🤷

I think the community should mentioned the max speed for each aircraft.

If it’s my first time flying and it shows my spped max 349 above 10k Feet. How would I know it will reduce later??? And it’s different from each aircraft

If you are ever unsure about an aircrafts performance, the best thing to do is either look up some information on it online, or take it for a spin on the casual server/ solo so you can get a feel for how it handles and see what speeds it is capable of going within safe limits, that way you won’t get violations if you make a mistake.

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It’s not a real mistake bro to have 10 knots over speed limit and get punished for 1 week?.
I fly this game since years ago. But sometimes mistakes happened and I believe this mistake should not punush me for 1 week!!

As I said, mistakes do happen and we learn from them. I started off in the simulator many years ago too and I have over 150 violations on my account, but I did my best to learn from them, and as a result I very rarely get any violations anymore 🤷

Mistakes are a learning curve. Spending a week away from expert server won’t kill you, training and casual servers are plenty busy currently 😀

We get that it’s a mistake fam this is just how the system is


A beeter option is to climb on very low vs so u have enough time to come back

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Try to keep yr device close to u or atleats on earphoens so u can get the warning even though u not foccusing on it

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What i do is i wait to do anything until i have either reached cruising altitude or landed safely. Its ok to get up during your flight, you just have to get up and non critical times. That’s what we all do on most long hauls.

It’s only a week, time flies by fast, you’ll be back in no time ;)