Violation Rules List and Ghosting Explnation

Hello all. Very sorry if this is obvious or has been asked but I’ve searched and can’t find anything about it. Where can I go to learn about the list of violations that are present and the explanation to what ghosting means? I was told in game that rules were enforced with ghosting and to check the violations list and I haven’t seen anything telling me what ghosting is or a list in game.

Thanks for the help in advance.


Take a look at the topics below. They contain a lot of useful information. Let us know if you have any further questions!


Thank you so much that does help. I admit that I did see the Ghosting Change post come up but wasn’t sure if that’s what I needed to learn about what exactly it was before knowing about changes.

Thank you!


Actually @Starley, can I ask you a couple more questions that are a little off topic but about IF knowledge?

I will shoot you a PM and we will continue there! :)

Sorry for the late response, had to land at ENGM.

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Not a late response at all. Talk to you in PM.


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