Violation Retracted

Is there any way to get a violation retracted because i was doing an overnight flight from Auckland to Los Angeles and everything was fine when i went to sleep with altitude and speed and as i woke up i have crashed which meant i got a violation and i’m now grade 2,

if someone can tell me how to attach a replay file then i will

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If you believe pilot error was not at fault (this means fuel, AP, etc) then it could be looked at.

What aircraft were you in?

You can only get violations retracted of there was a issue with the game (glitch) or something like that. What altitude did you leave it at?

it must have been a glitch, it was a 777-2 at 38,000ft

and it has never happened before so

How many nm were you out from departure?

on the replay file it doesn’t say but i could see that i was cruising and i just stalled randomly, it couldn’t of been fuel because i had 14 hours of fuel for an 11 hour flight and i stalled half way into it

Did you go straight to FL380?

after take off yes

It may be advisable to not climb to a very high altitude with a heavily loaded aircraft. Step climbing would have been a better option.


That will be why,

With over 14 hours of fuel you need to step climb, going straight to FL380 You are over weight and therefore it is your fault so the violations will most probably stay.

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U probably had a lot of fuel and you were using maximum thrust. Also step climb

but i’ve done it before so so so many times and this has never happened

It is because you are doing a ultra long haul flight. Have you ever done it on this flight?

It is likely since the aircraft may have been heavily loaded for that long a flight.

i had done it on longer flights but not this exact one

There is not much you can do about the violations. Just wait a week or so and the violations won’t effect what grade you are. Then just do some pattern work to get your landing violation ratio back to normal.

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here’s the stream of the flight i made it unlisted.

You ran out of fuel because flying a 777 at M 0.9 takes an absurd amount of fuel…probably double what it takes flying at normal cruise, 0.84. You had the violation warning for like a whole 2 hours but it kept going in and out luckily for you.

Basically, you ran out of fuel because the plane isn’t designed to fly that fast.

Also, you had both the fuel remaining and ETE destination widgets up, and they clearly showed you weren’t going to make it…


I skimmed through the end of the video.

As you can see, you were receiving both approaching stall and speed warnings.
If I had to guess, you climbed and set to .90 given you were getting speed warnings.
After burning off fuel you were able to accelerate up to there and started getting violations.