Violation request

I want to preface this post by saying:


I did, however, have a most enjoyable experience that I wanted to share with everyone.

Today, in an abundant lack of cognitive thought, decided to take a C-130-J30 to an airport that was the hub for an event and decided to attempt a partial loss of power (cut power to number 1 and 2 engines) while in the climb out phase. One thing that I didn’t realize before I did this was that the C-130 series is not subject to automatic level 1 speed violation because they are considered military aircraft. Basically, I ended up going really fast below 10,000’ and was given a level 3 violation without warning. Initially, I wondered why I wasn’t given a warning, but that wasn’t the issue at hand. The issue was that I had recently gained level 4 (which was quite an accomplishment to me).

Anyway, I respectfully messaged the controller who gave me the violation asking that he reconsider because there hadn’t been any kind of warning, and after he completed his session - which by the way was one of the smoothest most organized single-runway operations I have ever seen (both simulated and in real life)- he sent me a message and let me know his reasoning for the violation, and he apologized for the lack of a warning call.

I want to share this to EMPHASIZE the importance of being respectful when petitioning a violation to an air traffic controller here on the forum. Wait a few minutes to cool off and think clearly before making your request. Be sure that you are careful with the words you choose, as something as small as a proper salutation can make your petition seem more reasonable and respectful.

Hope this helps y’all!


To add on this from the controller side of a violation:

We do not issue violations because we want to kick you off the expert server, or because we want you to go down a grade, we issue violations because your actions are directly or indirectly affecting the experience of other pilots and/or taking time away from the controller’s much needed attention to focus on improper stuff. Most often when you message a controller, they will not be mad or frustrated at you. Personally, I love when someone sends me a message after they receive a violation so we can talk it out and possibly get it removed. We are all on the same team here. Thanks @PaulJ for sharing your story and I think the takeaway could not be any better.


Thanks so much for your insightful comment @Marina I really appreciate the effort that the entire IFATC team puts into creating an enjoyable and reasonable environment for everyone to fly in! Hoping to join the team soon!

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