Violation Removal

hello everyone, is there a chance that i can lower my violation number per year so that i will be able to upgrade my rank?


Hey there first what level violation

i have a level three violation that dropped me from rank 3 to 2, i was working in my landings to reach rank 4 but this violation caused me to drop instead.

You can contact @appeals with your repaly. They will help you as best as they can.

(Or if you can recall the controller we’ll help get you in contact to them to help you understand the reason of the violation and a chance of it being appealed)

Do you know what the reason for this was?

As I was waiting for takeoff clearance, my internet connection went off, so i took off and as i was on the end of the runway the connection came back and the ATC gave me a 3rd degree violation.
this is my first 3rd degree violation ever and i don’t want to wait 7 days tbh

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Connection’s a reason for it to be reversed. Do you happen to remember who your controller was, and I’ll try get you in touch with him or her?

wait lemme check please

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Check your replays in the home screen to find out who your controller was. Be ready to share a replay and contact @appeals

his name was [IFATC PlaneGeek]
thank you for your help sir

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his name was [IFATC PlaneGeek]

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@PlaneGeek is your guy

@PlaneGeek was your controller, he’s been tagged by this and will PM you as soon as possible. No problem, happy to help.

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Hello! I’ll PM you. :)