Violation Removal

As of late, Staff and Moderators have seen a massive increase in messages to dispute violations or ask that they’re removed. Unlike ATC reports (ghosting), violations are not subjective. Violations are in place to enforce very basic rules such as speed and serve as a good incentive to be attentive throughout critical phases of your flight (takeoff, descent, etc).

Moving forward please do not contact Staff or the Moderating team to request that violations be removed.

As Infinite Flight aims to simulate the real thing, please let violations serve as a reminder of the rules that are to be followed. Mistakes happen! Wait out the short restrictions that may be applied and learn from them. Each chargeable violation comes with a warning to alert you. Heed the warning and make the proper adjustments. If you’re unsure as to why one was received create a topic in #live so you can be better educated on the speed limitation for the aircraft being flown or any other misunderstood rules.

Note: If a violation is specifically recognized as a bug or glitch in the system it will be removed, but this is very rare and an almost non-existing occurrence.

Happy and Safe Flying!

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Thanks for the updated information! This is good to know.

However, I’ve noticed that on the expert server sometimes the violation warning doesn’t show. Sometimes I try taxiing above 35 KTS ground speed just for a few seconds, but the warning never pops up like it used to.

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We will test and address those issues. Either way, the Expert server should not require a warning to let you know that 35kts is far too fast for a taxiway. Thanks for letting us know though!


That’s definitely true, but I was just confused because the warning message that usually showed up at the top of the screen doesn’t show up anymore.

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Check your settings, maybe you turned the warning off, or download IF-Assistant, it lets you know when you’re overspeeding.

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Knowing the violations should be enough and therefore a warning should not be required. We never recommend “pushing the envelope”. Expert is exactly that.


By “it”, do you mean Mark? lmao


I dont know if its a bug but i have just been given 7 violations when my flight went perfectly with nothing wrong! I went over the aircraft speed limit for a second but then went back to normal speed immediately and the overspeed sound wouldn’t go off but it didn’t show as any violations were racking up so i continued my flight and finished without any violations! So i am very confused and at Grade 1 after being at Grade 4 and cant fly in expert anymore.
IPad Air 2 IOS11

Alex, these were overspeed violations that were gathered. Thanks!


its impossible, as it didnt show any in the game i when i finished the flight it didnt show any. But it is what it is i will just have to wait a week i guess.

Does the 60 seconds without ATC clearance apply to situations where there is no ATC?

The runway idle violation is in effect after 60 seconds when ATC is not present.

You will not be penalized if told to line up and wait with active ATC if your time on runway exceeds 60 seconds.

What about airports where you spawn ON the runway? Is it advised to pull off to the side to plan your flight?

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Yes, that is advised or depart VFR and pick up your IFR in the air. 😜

(Load fuel, depart and fly runway heading VFR, quickly file, then proceed on course)


Define “acrobatics”…

Exceeding bank limit, G limit, climb limit, etc… I cannot specifically definite this, however if you’re putting on an airshow near a controlled field or flying aggressively you can expect a warning.

I’ve done very tight patterns at an airport without warning so you’ve really gotta push it to get violations. Utilize the causal server if you want to get it out of your system. :)


So you won’t remove my violations because I wasn’t paying attention? 😔
Lol this should be pinned!


And you wont reverse it because my brother/sister/cousin/dog/nephew/stranger on the bus/ghost/etc picked up my device.



I have a question actually. I got dropped to grade 2 due to overspeeding violation, (My fault obviously, no dispute) but I received 3 for that one incident. Now I’m grade 2 of course but the same thing happened the next day while I had been one day into my 7 day ban from grade 2, will I be grade 2 for 2 weeks or 1 week?

(3 violations 1 day and I’m grade 2, 3 violations the next day and I’m still grade 2, but does the week long ban stack) Simplified question

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