Violation Question

Hello again community, i received 3 Level 1 violations(in addition to 2, two days before - same reason) 4 days ago for “Overspeed In Flight” due to me…… being asleep, VNAV activated and arrival time was a lot quicker than anticipated. Will these be gone on the 7 day mark? Its happened before but i cannot recall how many days it took, missing the expert servers! Especially with the new update. Training isn’t the same, my own fault for not planning properly, just a query.

Thanks again, no better community ✈️

Yes, you should be able to access the Expert Server 7 days from your last level 1 violation.

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In order to prevent future overspeed violations, I highly recommend NOT enabling the vnav feature for overnight flights, or when you will be away from your device. The best time to enable vnav is when you are approx 5-10 mins out and will be paying attention to your device for the remainder of the flight.


What I do is I set a timer or an alarm to go off 30 mins before arriving at my destination to then activate VNAV. But never activate VNAV when you’re going to be away from your device

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