Violation Question

Hi everyone,

My level three violation that I received exactly today has not gone? It has 7 days next to it!

Is it done with 7 days??

Is today the 7th day?

yeah it is


The image you have uploaded shows the number of level 3 violations that you have received in the past 7 days, this being one.

Level 3 violations will expire and stop affecting your grade exactly 7 days to the minute that you received it. For example if you received a level 3 violation at 8:09PM then it will only expire once the time has passed 7 days later.

If this doesn’t work, doing a short flight on the casual server just long enough to earn some XP usually assists in resetting the specific stat.


Yes I got it one week ago today

Ok thank you

That will be your problem, the violation will no longer have effect after 7 days. However, it will still be counted in a 1-year running period before it completely disappears. In the meantime, review the user guide so you don’t repeat the same mistake.