Violation question

I have a question about one of my violations, the thing in the stats that shows how many vios over landings you have my shows 0.05 it should be 0.04 as a violation went away yesterday. I did everything from deleting and reinstalling the app to doing a short flight on the Casual server and it’s still there. Please help

Can you send a screenshot of your grade table?

Remember that the landings to violations ratio is over the course of a year. Was your violation given over a year ago?

Yes it was ir expired yesterday

Could you also send a screenshot of your violation history please.

From recent or old from around a year ago

Old please

It looks like even with that one violation gone, it still averages out to .5. If you would like to reduce this, I would recommend doing some landings which will lower the ratio.

33/609 = 0.054… which rounds to 0.05. With the number of landings you currently have, you would need less than 30 violations in the last 12 months in order to regain Grade 5.

Your ratio is 0,054187192118227. Which is more than 0,04.

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So does this mean it’s going to stay on my stats for another year

Not unless your other level 1 violations expire, or you do more landings to lower the number.

You can either:

  1. Do enough landings without gaining more vios to knock the ratio below 0.05.

  2. Wait for another 3 violations to pass the 1 year mark.

Will touch and god count

Yes touch and goes do count.

Can I go on the Casual server and do them at EGLL by flying around the two runways

By my calculations, you need to do another 52 landings to knock the ratio below 0.05 provided you don’t get any more violations.

Yes you can. Bear in mind that landings need to be a minimum of 30 seconds apart.

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