Violation question

So todays the day where one of my 2/3 violations is gone. So as you can see here it has not been updated. Do you know how long it would take for it to update?

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When I had violations, it took about a few hours or so to clear

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Ok i’ll just have to be patient to get back to grade 3

Hey there!

It will take you 365 days after your first Level 2/3 violation to regain access to the Expert server - which, based on your screenshot, isn’t long.

Tried a short flight on any server? If not, please do so :)

Grade table needs that for refresh sometimes.

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Ok sounds good

Exactly what @schyllberg said and sometimes what works for me is to do a touch and go landing or go to a gate and exit back and that should work for me it does

I am in the same shoe as you I am almost grade 5

Yes I know people will judge me on how many level 1 speeding violations I have but I am so close to grade 5

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Ok sounds good i’ll do that

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It worked! Thanks guys! And @schyllberg


Congratulations sir welcome to expert server

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