Violation Question

So i was given a level 3 violation last week sunday at 9:36am est. how do I find out if i will be in training server for a year or a week?

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Can you share a screenshot of your grade table?


Can I see the bottom of the table as that where the Level 3 Vio information is.

Essentially you need less than 5 L2/L3 vios in the past year. According to the time you received the violation - it will drop off the 1 week count in the next few minutes - and if you still can’t access Expert (just restart your device just in case) then you have to wait until your oldest L2/L3 vio becomes older then a year.

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You will be on expert since that’s 7 days ago unless you have gotten more than 5 level 3 bios I think

i was grade 3 until the violation

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See this from my edit.

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Can I see the bottom of your grade table where the Lvl 3 violation information is because then I can tell you whether you will back on Expert today or not.

i just restarted my device

This tells me that you will back on Expert today - you only have 1 L3 violation in the past year.

You’ll be back on ES in 2 minutes if I’m reading this right 😂

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If you received it 2020-12-06T15:36:00Z, then it should be complete from the 7 Day Vio at 2020-12-13T15:36:00Z

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i’m still grade 2

You tried an app restart?

how do i restart the app

Just exit out of Infinite Flight, double click the home button, and swipe up like this

Just complete close the app and go back into it - or just restart your device.

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that’s what i did and it’s still the same. i have an iphone xr