Violation question

Last night I was having trouble with my device and I was a able to control my plane at one point causing me to get a out 6 violations in about 3 minutes. It bumped me back down to grade 1 because I had 6 violations in 24 hours. How long do I have to wait until it clears up and I can be back on the training server.

Can you send a screenshot of your stats table? It shouldn’t be more than a week, but it could be as little as 24 hours. If you feel these violations weren’t warranted, you can contact a mod by PMing them. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

Violations last for 7 days I believe. After 7 days your grade will return to your original grade before the violations occurred, pending that you still meet all the requirements for your grade.

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Is there any mod in particular I should contact?

This will all clear up in 24 hours, but I’m sure my favorite @schyllberg (sorry for the tag he probably doesn’t know who you are) will be able to help you. Shoot him a PM if he doesn’t beat you to it!

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No need for tagging staff. Nothing will be done. The OP literally only has to wait 24 hours. Nothing was wrong with the app. they wont be removed.

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Thank you for your help. Infinite flight is quite confusing sometimes.