Violation Question

Recently I have was flying an A-10 at FPST and FHSH. While flying I got 2 acrobatic violations at each airports. While flying, I never got an acrobatics warning, but I did crash while flying around at both airports. I did not leave the game immediately, I was still in the cockpit view for about 1-2 minutes (I think the violations happened after the crash.)

If it is my fault it is not a big deal, I just want to get to the bottom of it as these violations were a surprise for me.

Callsign: N20GH
Display Name: IFC Grady Herbert

I have received the warnings… You should have received warnings too…
I left the game right after the crash and did not receive any violations. I guess just try exiting right away if you crash…

Ok, but what is the ruling when violations accumulate after you crash?

Likely you received them as you crashed.


I do believe that crashing is a violation if I recall correctly.

Source: Have crashed.


I didn’t crash near an airport, so maybe that’s why?

I do not think that is a listed a violation though (Source: Tyler’s Violation Topic.)

I could be new though.

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What happens during a crash may lead to a violation? I know I got violations when I crashed, but that was a long time ago and may be unrelated to the action of crashing itself?

I believe that after you crash (depending on the situation,) violations will accumulate. I believe it is a glitch. Am I correct about that?

Thank you so much for citing the source 😂😂😂

Once, my A-10 landed on its back, but didn’t officially “crash”. Then the aerobatics violations started accumulating. Sounds like a similar situation.

This sounds like the exact same situation that occurred to me (however, I crashed.)

Shouldn’t violations in this situation be removed?

Crashing gives you violaions? Huh, that’s new. Never have I received any vios for crashing, only for overspeeding during a crash but not for the crash itself…

Btw, isn’t Aerobatic Violation something yo receive if you perform well aerobatic maneuver near an ATC active airport or could you receive it with out ATC controlling the aeroapace? That if you happen to be at/near a airport and begin to do aerobatics, like barelrolls and loops and whatnot, then you’ll get a violation for that?

I don’t know, but that sounds like a reason. Hopefully a Mod or Staff will he able to help you sort this out. I personally have never received any aerobatics violation for crashing near a airport not even when spiraling down…

Question: i get an instruction to go around just while touching down. Unable to respond in time,controller reporting me resulting in degradation. I find this very unfair and wonder where to report this…

PM the controller who reported you. In your case that would be @Luke_M

Also this thread isn’t quite the right place to ask this… better would’ve been to create a new topic alternatively asking a Mod by PM. But either way, the guy you should contact is tagged above.


It has been quite a while for this to be unsolved. If violations come after you crash, they should be removed. Hopefully a mod can help with this.

@DeerCrusher @schyllberg hopefully one of these two can help you out

There’s nothing to help out. The act of crashing likely met the threshold for acrobatics. To say that you crashed at both airports, then claim that you have no idea when your plane (a fighter) would have been making unusual maneuvers within a short distance from said airports is a little odd. This wasn’t a commercial flight at cruise accidentally hitting the AP button over the ocean and speeding. This was a fighter crashing, quote, “at both airports”, most likely traveling at high rates of speed and/or bank angles.

(BTW, controlled airspace doesn’t mean “actively controlled by ATC in IF.” It means any Class B, C or D airspace.)

before you crashed you might have made an aerobatic maneuver