Violation Question


The other week, on the day when IFATC was serving the Caribbean area, I received 3 violations upon descending. It lowered me to Grade 2, as expected, but now one week later I’m wondering why under the “Max Violations (1 Day)” field, it says that I still have three, even though it’s been a week. Is there something I’m not understanding or is it a glitch?


Hello! do a quick flight in casual and you should be good!

Ohhh it’s one day of flight? @Cole_Collins

It’s a known glitch, a quick flight on casual long enough to gain xp is the workarounds for now

Just login do a touch and go, and it should be refreshed.

Awesome thanks @Jake_Stopher @Cole_Collins

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No problem! be sure to tell us if it refreshed.

It sure worked! Thanks.


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