Violation problem on second account

On my second account I think it’s SPB2525 I’m not allowed on training server but the weird thing is that I haven’t used that account to fly in ages all I do is either ATC of spotting

Could you send us a screenshot of your grade table?

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I think this may be because the training server requirements have been changed recently. You must now be a grade 2 to access the TS, I’m thinking that your second account is grade 1.

As you can see I barely use this account

What notification do you get when you try to log in?
See if you meet these requirements

Hm… maybe the moderators can look into this? It doesn’t show any violations, and it says you’re grade 2, so I’m not sure why you can’t access the server.

I may have a screenshot yesterday I didn’t renew my subscription because I didn’t want to pay to not fly and I only used it about once or twice a month

If you could send us a screenshot or tell us what notification/pop-up you get it would be very helpful.

I don’t have a screenshot but I remember it saying something like you have too many violations you can’t fly on this server

When did you use this account (how long ago)? And do you remember getting any violations while using it?

Maybe you have more violations as landings you must have more landings as violations.

Read this.