Violation on Training

Hi, I received a violation today.

Heres how it went. So i was flying the A350-900 EWR to SIN route. And as i was descending my plane over-speeded somehow. I was going about 900 v/s down. My speed wouldn’t go down! I know that you cant remove a violation from TS as they are automatic.

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Unfortunately you can’t appeal system generated violations
However, does this happen on a consistent basis or was it one off?

If you descend too quickly, you will not lose speed, is some cases even gain speed, always be attentive to your device during climb or descent to avoid violations, and use flight spoilers to help slow down, ar descent at a more gradual v/s, however, 900 v/s is already quite gradual…, were you very heavy, I mean you shouldn’t be after that flight, but still maybe?

15% fuel sooooo i don’t think i was heavy, But considering the A350 is 4 hrs on 15% it may have been too heavy

pax & cargo? Flaps?

I had 0 cargo! i don’t know about my PAX. u mean passengers? If that meant passengers 100-105

Flaps 1+F

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hmm, unusual…

The A350 is a very slippery plane. You will have to level out in order to slow down.

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Personally, I always use spoilers to slow down with the A350, makes it easier to control speed

It’s truly unfortunate to hear that this happened just as you were coming down from the longest IRL flight in the world. I would highly suggest closely monitoring speeds at critical areas of flight such as climb and descent, and if you’re hitting FL110-FL120 at anything above 280-290 knots or so, I’d definitely considering leveling off and making sure you bleed off that extra speed, so no more incidents like this happen.

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Also forgot to say it crashed while that happened ( The App)

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It crashed right after you got the violation?

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Yes yes it did unfortunately


That’s probably just because when you were trying to slow down your throttle was at 0%, so it actually won’t be 4 hours at 15%.

Any who, as others have said since it was a system generated violation, I suggest just waiting it out and you will be back in no time

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