violation on runway

I was landing my 777 at Chicago ohare and i landed 5 seconds later, i get a violation for exceeding 35knots when i was slowing down on the runway. Anyone know why it did that?

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Pic or didnt happen

Sometimes due to landing with strong sidewind your plane may wave to the right and you miss the runway therfore receiving a violation

This happened to me to but I think I landed on the part before runway.

That is the dumbest thing ever. “If I didn’t see it, it didn’t happen”.

I think that is what may have been case

You have to be on the runway proper. If you are pre runway or side apron then you just got caught by the IF police for an imperfect flight. It’s all a journey to perfecting flying skills 😀


Ok I understand

Probabely you may landed before touch line on ground

I landed on the area in back of the main runway.