Violation on Active Runway

What’s the deal with being ghosted for idling on active runway. While this is a good idea in principle, it doesn’t take into account the numerous airports with no parallel taxiways which require backtracking.

You received a violation, which is different from a report.

You get the violation if you sit there are are not moving. This is due to the fact that you are then blocking the runway for others to land. If you were back-taxing and moving it should not have given you a violation.


I believe it’s if your idle on the runway for 60 seconds, correct?

Yeah (I think)

@dc9super80. MaxSez: Let’s be smart for a change and think the problem through instead of griping publically! Before you jot about a Pilot Error Compare and contrast the situation.

Would you stop your car or idle in the middle of an interstate highway? Would you sit and idle in the middle of a four-way intersection? (Wait, are you old enough to have a drivers license? I just made a mistake similar to yours. I assumed you were learned.)

Active Runways are similar to the analogy above. Yes you can back taxi/drive on a Hiways/Rway and you’ll get a Ticket (Violation) unless you where directed to do so by authority’s.

Not to worry you have 7 days to ponder your predicament. Let me know the results of your analysis.



@Maxmustang What are you on about? Some small airports have no parallel taxiways. Therefore after landing, you do a 180 at the turning spot at the end then backtaxi (backtrack) to the ramp. Alternatively, for take off you backtaxi to the turning spot at the end of the active runway, do a 180 for for takeoff. Depending on the length of the runway, you may be in there for a bit more than 60s. Hope that clarifies it. The alternative would be to taxi on the grass, but that’s not cool is it? 😀

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If that’s how it works it may have been a bug then, I didn’t idle but turned at the first available spot and headed back to the ramp. Will keep an eye on it in the future. Thanks for the clarification.

What if a controller makes you line up and wait for too long and you get a violation?

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You can privately pm them to sort it out

@dc9super80 MaxSez: What’s All this babble about back Taxi.
The issue is “ idling on an active runway” that what the violation was for as you stated. You sound like a lawyer obfuscating, distracting, convoluting a simple pilot error. Man up, your un-questionably guilty as charged. it’s a machine generated violation you have no recourse.


like PM, a mod?

Look at this topic: Inquiring about Ghosting / Reports

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I believe it doesn’t happen when you are connected to ATC but I could be wrong. I’m sure it could be reversed though.

@CPT_Colorado… MaxSez: A machine violation is indisputable. If a controller causes a problem you can challenge it. What’s a matter you!

Yes, generally it is, but I think we should at least hear OP out.

Could you share a replay file so we can see what happened?


Max just leave it buddy,

Fact is.

If you were moving you wouldnt have gotten the violation. If you would have stood on the runway for i guess 60 seconds without movement you get the violation.


MaxSez: G’nite All. It’s been real and fun but not real fun!


@Maxmustang The babble was in response to your post. Nevertheless, I do see where you may have misunderstood. I should have said the message received said something about being ghosted for idling. I myself was not idling, but making a U turn and backtracking, hence the doubts expressed in the original post. I did not know about the 60s rule, so the posts made in this thread were quite informative. Additionally I am not fighting the violation if that’s what you think is happening here.

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Could you send a replay link quickly so I can check what the problem here is?

So what you’re saying is the violation was a glitch? If so, you should contact a mod to try find out why