Violation of doing aerobatics on taxiway

This is a technical issue, given doing 20 knots on a straight away while taxiing my plane flipped and I got a violation—what?!


Contact @appeals and someone can help you out.


Wait, ur plane flipped? Like proper flipped on a taxiway? Wow, I guess the violation was issued because u were inverted (unintentionally) at an airport

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Yep! I was taxiing east at LAX to 25R in a A330-900neo. I just looked down at my speed, just over 20 knots and thought the game was glitching, as I was now looking down at the center line while moving. I was getting alerts of aerobatics on the ground. By this point, I was at 23 knots and dinged for a moving violation.

How does that happen?! I’m really angry as it moved me back to grade 3, and I now have 8 violations w/228,400 XP, 274 hrs 25 mn, and 530 landings.

Actually, so annoyed that I’m contemplating leaving this game. I have yet to see anywhere I can report this or even be able to right this wrong.


Continued in appeals