Violation oblivion

Hey all. I just recieved my first violation in the expert server last night. I was doing 260knots in the 250knot zone.
Those red letters poppin up on the screen made me feel like I was in the movie “Oblivion” with Tom Cruise. I could of sworn I heard voices telling me to “land now you failure of a sim pilot” haha.
Anyone else have any accidental violation horror stories?

No but in all seriousness, I’ve been wondering what getting a violation looks like but now I know. I still love this sim to pieces. Hope all are having a good day.


@MarcusCKJ never has a topic more suited you.


ive known all too well about the warning messages… when you think you have a good ascent rate but realize you have too much power … scares the crap out of me every time…

the worst is when you dont see the warning message when A/P disengages for various reasons and you are given an early xmas present of a week vacation on TS and or Casual … that is fear that cant be taken back to the store


yea man. Whats wild is that even tho this is a sim, when you get the violation, it feels real ESPECIALLY when those red letters pop up. I understand what you mean by “fear” haha. Thx for chiming in

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This is kinda a violation but I can do it on casual… if anyone has infinite flight assist then you must know why you shouldn’t over speed with the copilot voice ‘mark’… yeah but I over speed a lot.


yea man. i dont overspeed often, and IF assistant helps alot with keeping you honest

I hate when i start a long haul in the morning and forget about it and then come back to my iPad at 11 in the night to do some liveries to find out that I have 4 new violations and have to be on training for a week. And once this happened right before an event and i was super excited for it. Real bummer.

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what happens when you come back to the flight? Did the autopilot disengage? What were your violations?

I managed to glide at 300knts on training server for 4 hours before I landed at KLAX. Without noticing, I came back after landing and then noticed my mistake

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Anytime I see the overspeed warning, I will literally disengage the entire AP and yank the nose up, hoping to lose speed. I’ve done it at FL380 and FL60!


Awful flying, awful spelling, awful jokes. Am I missing anything else?

That’s funny, you think I’m joking…

No I believe you, just noting everything else I know about you :)

Surprised that you would yank up on the control column so to speak but it’s believable, that’s the only way to avoid it once you are overspeeding quite a bit or end the flight.

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Worth it to prevent the violations. Obviously if I’m only one or two knots about the speed limit I won’t be as violent with the controls however.

yea with the speed, if you dont have IF assistant or something running, it can easily get away from you with no autopilot engaged

yea your passengers would be miserable haha…

Television is my greates enemy
I got so many vios my ratio is 0.06 once I get 300 landings /90days of course 😤

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I haven’t had a violation in a while. Last time it happened I was setting my joystick up while spawned in because on the main menu it kept crashing everytime I tried to set my autopilot button. So spawned in I was setting it all up on the expert server and then unpaused it…

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I just got a violation a few minutes ago. So for no reason I was overusing the rudder on TS1. I entered a nosedive and got a speed violation. I also landed on a red runway at Istanbul and had a horrible landing, ending with an overrun and Tokyo drift.

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The warning message is scarier than the violation to me tbh lol. It’s like you have 20 seconds to slow down.