Violation not going away

I had a level 3 violation that was set to expire today 3/14/21 at 11:54Z, but the violation still shows in my account but not in my violation logs and this has been keeping me from expert server. Has anyone ever had this problem and how was it solved?

Go onto the violation history log, does it say ‘7 days ago’? If not wait another day. However if it does it just may need up to 20 minutes to recognise that it should have expired

It says it was issued on march 14 2020

Yeah spawn in on casual or training server and then end your flight straight away. This usually works

oh ok I will try that right now!

Hey! Can you show me your logbook?

I don’t know how to do that

Go on your profile on IF, go onto view stats and then at the bottom it says show violation logbook

It worked! Thank you!

Ok perfect, no problem

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