Violation Not Going Away

I got a violation on June 3rd at 13:09 utc which means it should have gone away by now but it hasn’t.

I’m not sure how long it takes for the violation to go away.

Try to refresh it?

I have been for the past 20 min and it still shows it.

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Then we have to wait for @schyllberg

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Restart your device

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It still puts me as grade 2

You’ll continue to be grade 2 until you have 100 landings

I have 117 landings, the only thing is the violations

Oh sorry it was a misunderstanding

dont worry the only thing is violations that should be gone by now

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What is your current callsign and display name?

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Callsign: American 5
Display Name: IFC-Ianuccelli

the time needs to be the same 13:09 utc in his time zone for it to disappear

The time has already passed its 13:45 utc

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UTC is the same everywhere in the world…


@Ianuccelli - can you restart your device completely? Not sure if you have, but even so… please do.

Ok probably zulu time

Ok I’m restarting it.

UTC, GMT & ZULU is the same, regardless. Google it.


oh right sorry about that, my mistake