Violation/Misuse of Unicom controlled airports

Hey guys, recently I’ve seen a lot of talk on new grades and servers, in order to maximise realism, as expert server is too easy to reach and is often similar to training server. Previously I didn’t think much of it, as it wasn’t game-breaking to me seeing unprofessional behaviour on the expert server.

Obviously, 19.4 has seen a lot more traffic with people trying out the A359. My first flight with it was Melbourne to Singapore. On the ground and on takeoff from Melbourne, I had no issues, with two or three aircraft on the ground behaving properly. However, 50nm from WSSS all ATC left, meaning there were around 30 aircraft around the airport, uncontrolled. What I saw was horrible. Instantly, 4 people tried to takeoff on 02L, while traffic on downwind, base and final began to navigate at their own pace. This lead to 7 aircraft on final at once on both 02L and 02C, with a few instances of players flying within metres of eachother, nothing you should ever see on the expert server. The worst part for me was that i couldn’t do anything to stop it, watching people behaving inappropriately and unprofessionally was infuriating, it felt as if I was back on the playground server.

I’m not sure as to what can be done to stop this, as I’m sure having more advanced servers would end up more or less the same. Could there be a proper reporting system that works without controllers? I’m sure a few people that were at WSSS would agree with me in saying this behaviour does not belong on the expert server.

What are your thoughts?

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I am sure that yesterday was really out of the ordinary. Sad to see such behaviour, but this whole issue is incredibly challenging and I personally have yet to see/read about a system that isn’t open for misuse or fails to really solve the problem.

If moderators would have been present thee behaviour would most likely had had consequences, but they are only people with life’s too.

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