Violation messages not showing

So I recently did a flight from Charles du Golle to Heathrow and I was going 240 at 20,000 ft and I got the overspeed voice but no on screen warning about it, and I was in the outside view so I couldn’t hear it. I landed and I still had the overspeed audio but no visual warning! I ended my flight to see I was grade 1 and had 6 warnings, but I wasn’t notified about it!! Is there any way to get rid of these unjust warnings??

It can be because you can desactivate the text messages for help.


We are aware of an issue causing the overspeed alarm to keep sounding even if you are flying below the violation threshold. This does not cause any violations though, we’ve verified that.

We’ve disabled the function turn off “Helper messages”, so this should have been visible in yellow text on the top of your screen. Were you monitoring your flight all the time during this time?

I haven’t deactivated it.

Yes I was. It turns out I was going 280kts in a Dash Q400 however the message still didn’t show. If it did I would have reduced speed ASAP. However the message did not show so I didn’t slow down. And I don’t usually fly in the cockpit camera until I am on final. - I haven’t had the best 2 days on IF. First I get reported so I was downgraded to Grade 2, Now this so I am now Grade 1…

The report is being handled with though.