Violation lvl 2 after 4 hra flight

I got a Violation lvl 2 after 4 hours flight from GQNO to LFPG before I established on the localizer, because ATC demanded from me climb and maintain to 6000 before landing, my answer was Unable, and 20 seconds after, he banned me. Is it normal? I don’t think so, I think it was abuse. Not greetings to @United2 and waiting for delete this violation. It was really not fair.

You can PM @appeals and @United2 your controller about your report

Yeah… PM your controller but for the future I’d recommend not replying ‘unable’ and following all ATC instructions because that’s what you’re supposed to do

It’s not normal for me

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You should never say Unable unless you are about to fly into terrain or something.

Also, from what the pictures show, you were about to have a collision with another aircraft if you continued on into the localizer.


He was assigning you a clearance altitude you had to follow to not make separation busts with other pilots in this phase of the flight.

Also, you tagged the controller so you know who he is, why make it a public thing? It should be with you, controller and eventually appeals.


I don’t think so and there is a lot of other options, like go around…

You don’t have to read this and lecture me ;)

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No one is trying to lecture you, just contact the controller (who you tagged) and if you believe it was unfair, go to appeals.

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I’m explaining you why you got this altitude and remind you that public shaming isn’t a solution to let the controller appear as unfair.


Contact the controller. Simple.