Violation Level 3

There is a guy in ATC currently in AbuDhabi instructed me to reduce speed to 250kts above 12000ft why ??? Nobody knows. And I was on A/P , to take full control it takes time calibration , Turning off Lnav & Vnav and that takes time.
That controller gave me Level 3 violation in 44 seconds after giving coordination, I send private message to him, only god knows where he is.
Can anyone tell me in what time I should obey the instructions
Cause if the violation is for excessive speed I was slowing down and that also take time, Planes doesn’t have Carbon ceramic brakes with 10 piston Calipers.

And if the violation is for not following co ordination I was on the same course so that also doesn’t make sense.

I can clearly say that guy doesn’t have patience to observe
All he does is "woo that 787 not following order witthin seconds give him a L3 violation to ban him to play for a week.

Just wait for him to respond - if he is still controlling he won’t necessarily be looking at the IFC.

Also, you don’t need to turn off A/P, LNAV and VNAV to reduce speed - just reduce the speed set in the autopilot panel. He probably told you to reduce speed in order to keep separation with an aircraft in front of you.

You can message @appeals and they’ll get you squared away.

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Appeals is already helping you. No need for another public topic on this. :)