Violation level 2

Hey guys!

So I got a level two violations which makes no sense.
I was approaching Gibraltar which is a hard runway. I come in too fast so I go around when going around I realized I’m critical on fuel. So I declare emergency fuel but again going way too fast I touch but can’t break so toga and I try again. The controller doesn’t reply to me so I just announce down wind, base, and final. I land and I get reported for “failure to go around”.

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Do you know the name of your controller?

Hi. Sorry to hear that, please find your controller from the log book and pm him or contact @appeals please! Thanks.

Go to ur replay, and find controller name.
than tag here.

Hello! I recommend looking at this topic to find your controller 🙂

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Your controller I believe was @CameronH21. PM him and you can take it from there. Thanks!

Yes, I was. Please continue via PM