Violation level 1

hello support guys!!

I wonder if you can help me.

that night (here in brazil) i was again taking a long night flight as i normally do (if you can see my history, you can check it out)

I was with the 747-8 following another guy I met on the way up keeping the same flight settings as him… FL330 MACH.83 … I woke up now to monitor if everything was fine and I took 3 level violations 1 for overspeed and being above MACH.93.

I believe some bug happened because I was on cruise, autopilot engaged and accelerated that way.

can you help me? because now I’m in grade 3 and I wasn’t ANYTHING to blame for what happened.

I’m waiting for help.



Did you set the speed? Did that have a orange box around it?


Did you PM Appeals? They are who you go to for violations…

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Sim, coloquei mach.83. (essa velocidade se manteve por mais de 5 horas de vôo) e sem motivo nenhum, começou a acelerar… Só que nessa hora eu estava dormindo e quando acordei já estava desconectado.

I didn’t know… I thought it was here on the stand… I’ll put it there then

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Okay it’s just you said you…

Did you copy his flight plan or did you manually insert the speed yourself :)


Appeals only handle level 2 and 3 violations ie. violations given by controllers, supervisors, mods or staff. Level 1 violations are system operated. However, if this was a glitch there is a chance that it can be reversed, for example falling through a pot hole and getting an aerobatics violation.

@CmdtBrunoVian are you able to prove that you set your speed at Mach .83 in the replay?


Maybe you should watch the replay.

Really? Then how come appeals helped me with my level one violation a few months back? I didn’t clear my cache in a while and I fell through the map and had an aerobatics violation and I sent it over to appeals, they looked at it, then confirmed that it was a glitch and removed the violation for me.


Exactly my example of a glitch 🙂 We don’t know if this was a glitch, it could have been pilot error.

If you can prove it’s a glitch (clear cache) then that’s a different story :)

But if it’s an overspeed, there are not many bugs for that and so you can’t appeal it. (Unless you can prove it was a glitch)


Maybe he haven’t fuel…

It’s worth a try and it’s an OK first step.

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So that the engine unwork…

But we need to find out what happened first, or staff or mod does :)


So should watch the replay.


Do you mind sharing your replay with us here? You can do this by going to this website and giving us the share link:

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I don’t know if you can see it but I watched the replay and the plane starts to increase the speed by itself but the plane didn’t make the sound of the accelerator engines… It just started to increase… In the internal image of the plane, the levers were on the same position

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Google drive


So it sounds like you did not engage SPD on your Autopilot. Unfortunately without the replay, you won’t be able to appeal.

Contact @appeals with the replay and you will get your violation reversed if they see that it is indeed a fault of the game