Violation Level 1 Unfair?

Hi, I know it’s my mistake but when I was close to descend to MPTO I activated the VNAV but my body made me sleep and when I woke up I was banned from the server for speeding when descending, is there any way to remove that level 1 infraction, my last infractions were 172 days ago, I have been a professional but thanks to my tiredness I was banned, Thanks.

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Hello! Unfortunately level 1 violation cannot be removed unless its a technical glitch that causes it. overspeed in flight cannot be removed as its not a error cause by the system. I recommend do not descend until ur fully awake to avoid the chances of u falling asleep


I understand, thank you for your help ;)

Thing to wait 7 days to get back to my grade I was and I guess level 1 violations is not as serious as I thought, Regards. 👋


Can the topic be closed? Thank You 👋