Violation-landing ratio

Hi guys I just made it to grade 3 and this is kind of unfair in my books because most of my coalitions are for things that I didn’t know! IF can you please remove this it makes it easier for people to get there and more people will want to make there which will make people invest more money in the game… so can you please remove the ratio so that i and a bunch of other people can use the grade 3… thx

These rules were set in place to make the Expert server actually for Experts sorry for the inconvenience. Let me get you a link for more info…


The reason why there were recent changes was because the expert server was becoming a chaotic environment where folks had no regard for the rules, other pilots, and ATC alike. Below you’ll find a link that outline the various changes to the requirements to gain access to the expert server:

Keep in mind you’ll need 2 landings for 1 violation to gain access to the expert server, if violations are your issue. Grade 3 standing still applies in addition to the recent changes.


Sorry, Just because you didn’t know things doesn’t mean you can get away with them. I suggest doing multiple touch and goes and stop getting violations.

Have a nice evening