Violation/Landing Question

This is a question a source had, that I cant answer on my own for him. Say if (Bob) has been disconnected from Training and Expert server, due to Violation/Landing ratio, once Bob equals out his V/L ratio , example (82 Violations to 84 Landings) will Bob again be able to rejoin those servers?


According to FDS’s recent regulations, your landing count must be twice your violations. Twice 82 is obviously more than 84 (because it’s 164). So, Bob will still remain trapped in casual until he does the pattern work that gets him back in.

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With said ratio you produced, you would be able to access Training. You need 163 landings for expert.

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Sweet Mate, thank you for that info because i didnt know off hand. Thanks my friend. I will let him know asap.

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So he equal out V/L ratio he can rejoin training server?

Equal plus one I think.

For expert it is double landings plus one, I think.

Thanks Mate. I will let him know asap