Violation issue

Sir today i was flying from GVAC to GCLP.Sir everything was fine but while decent via vnav from fl320 to 3000 i got speed violation because my system got hanged and i couldn’t decrease speed to 250 knts below 10000 fts.
Sir i am trying very hard to become grade 5 pilot and currently i was grade 4 but due to this voilation i reach to grade 3 for 7 days…sir every day i did 12 hours flight to reach grade 5.
Sir please and please kindly reverse this speedy voilation so that i will reach to grade 4 again… please sir its a humble request…i love infinite flight simulator and in future i want to be as a member of infinite flight simulation… please sir reverse this voilation only and give me the last chance . I respect rules and regulations of infinite flight… thank you

If it was a speeding error, that occurred, there really isn’t anything that can you can do.

Hello Abid,
Level 1 violations won’t be reversed unfortunately unless it is a system mistake. I guess you take this a lesson to never leave your device when VNAV is armed. We will see you back in a week with Grade 4.

First of all sorry to hear that @Capt_Abid .Now as far as this vio is concerned it is a “Level-1” vio and is a sysytem generated one which most probably won’t be reversed. But since this was an issue with your device , I suggest you pm Appeals or Mods to see if they can help you with this.

Don’t PM mods, and @appeals will just tell him the same thing we said.

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Appeals is only for Level 2 and Level 3 violations. As long as it was not a bug in game then this Violation will not be reversed.

Sir i know its system generated voilation but because of this system error i couldn’t decrease speed and i got this voilation .Sir i am using infinite flight since from last one year and i know i have to decrease speed to 250knts or less below 10000 fts and its not about the lesson because in one year i already took a bit experience…
Its okay sir if u can’t reverse it

And its so much disappointing moment for me because i am working hard to become as grade 5 but unfortunately i reach to grade 3…thank u sir

Can you explain why you could not decrease the speed?
Was the VS to high?
Did the spoilers not work?

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Sir my screen got freezed so that i couldn’t decrease speed and couldn’t arm spoilers and not even flaps.Sir my device was too much heated for that i have already reported before to infinite flight community…

Try contacting @appeals and maybe they can do something about it, cuz i have seen staff with 12 violations then next time I spot them on live, they’re violations are 0

This is a known user stat issue. Nothing to do with violation removal.
If his device heats up and freeze it’s not an issue with the app.
You’ll be back in a week @Capt_Abid 👍

Ok sir thank so much to all giving ur precious time…


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