Violation issue?

Hey! I’ve just checked and it says I have 5 violations from the 7th of May. I don’t remember getting violations but I do remember over speeding and I slowed down straight away before I could get any violations? I also don’t remember seeing any violations when I ended the flight?

Always make sure you don’t go over 250 knots under 10,000 feet. That’s your issue.

Whether you remember seeing the notification or not, it looks like you accumulated them. Best keep an eye on your speed!

Theres nothing we can really do at this point. They are in the log. Depending on how fast you were going and how quickly you slowed down it is possible to incur multiple violations.


Shame, really wanted to take part in the Gran Canaria flight tonight! Oh well, thanks anyway.

Have you ran out of fuel or crashed recently?
It’s a bit random to ask but it usually gives you like 5-6 violations from cruise.

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I haven’t recently, nope.

You got the violations during cruise.

I’ve had this happen to me many times in the past too. Most likely you were flying at speeds around M0.88 (just under the limit). If the wind shifts a bit, then you can overshoot the limit, where the autopilot cannot correct this before your violations occur.

Real airliners fly at speeds around M0.84. This will prevent speed violations at cruise.

This is why i go 220 knots on every flight. no matter how much feet im at i always go 220 knots. or 240. because i hate getting violations.

I’m curious. I see complaints like this all the time and seems like the violations occur in clumps - 5 or 6 at a time. In an over-speeding situation for example, how often can the violation occur? Based on the timestamps above it looks like it could possibly be every 30 seconds. Is that the case?

Seems a tad harsh (maybe one a minute is enough), but i don’t think I would raise a big fuss over it.

We have gone in cirlcles. Original question has been answered.