Violation issue with replay proof

Hi so I was flying and everything was great I was going a fast .84 from EGLL to WSSS I was flying at 510 knots the auto pilot is making a turn and it made this huge weird bank the plane was on it side. then it goes auto pilot disengaged check flight perameters and the plane go plunging down to its crash and i received 5 violation im not sure why it banked this hard for this turn. I was asleep so when I woke it can a mod fix this and get rid of my violation im not sure how to share the replay.

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Hello! You are able to use this website down below to share your files easily here on the IFC without using your email publicly.

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If you share the replay to a free service like Dropbox or Google Drive, simply share a public link of it here. Then anyone can download and take a look for you. 🙂


did i do it right

or here [


Hey, @Tommy_Botts I know this must suck for you (I’ve been in the same situation). I recommend that you don’t sleep or go far away from the device so this can’t happen. If you
want to sleep however, then I recommend that you use the casual server. As for the violations, well I can’t help as the violations are currently the only thing currently holding me back from grade 5 but I hope it doesn’t affect you in the same way!

Hi Tommy,

I’ve successfully imported your replay. It’s very likely you were too heavy. Any time the airplane starts a turn that’s not following your flight plan or stalls at cruise, it’s a weight issue. Since we can’t yet see KIAS or airplane load in replays I can’t say for sure.

The bottom line is, if your flight parameters are configured incorrectly, your flight is doomed from the beginning. Infinite Flight will try to keep you aloft but if it can’t, you’ll drop.

Hope this helps a bit.


Is there any way that can be added to the replay system as a display option so that we can always be certain with this? It would better allow the mods and staff to say with certainty if there is a minor bug going on or it is purely user error

We’d like to add more features in a future version of this. Nothing official to share yet but this is a good learning opportunity.

HAVING SAID THAT you are still responsible for your flight at all times. There’s a reason people do overnight, unattended flights all the time in Infinite Flight without issue :)


@jasonrosewell I respectfully disagree after watching it you can see his Mach speed never goes below .84. Which is a direct indication he has good KIAS. He had also been at cruise altitude for 6-7 hours.

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That’s ground speed though Brandon. It’s a mach number, but still ground speed since replay doesn’t log KIAS yet. You could still be right since he was a cruise for so long, but since I can’t see his weight, or flight plan, who knows…

It is Mach but Mach is a dynamic pressure indication just like KIAS. Sent you a message when you get a chance :)

Gotcha. Well… then my money is on the fact that he encountered a massive headwind and was overloaded. But again… can’t say for sure since that data isn’t there.


The speed warnings were on the initial climb out, doing >260 knts below FL10

Nah that was just one warning and he corrected it.

i think wind direction and wind speed is shown in the replay if i am not wrong!

couldn’t open the replay file assuming its from an IOS device,.

They are, but they’re based on whatever you set them to in the settings during the replay. In my case, 0kts. You can’t see exactly what the pilot encountered during the flight.

Ah I see, it’s showing GS on the indicator in cockpit view.