Violation Issue/ Map Issue LTFM

Hi, just wondering about an issue I have had this evening. I was taxiing from stand at LTFM Istanbul when there was a glitch in the map. I fell through the map three times. I was Grade 5 and now been put down to Grade 3 for 1 violation which happened when the game glitched. I was not over speeding and I have the play back to prove it. I have had this app for years and never have I had an issue like this. Can an administrator deal with this for me please? Thanks. Mitch

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If this was a glitch in the app, which it seems like it was, Iā€™m pretty sure mods can help you out and remove the violations. And for the future, if this happens, end the flight and clear the scenery cash in settings!


Check out the post below as it might help solve the falling issue if it keeps happening for you. I had a similar issue recently but luckily I was able to leave the game before receiving any violations.

With the removal of the violation reach out to one of the moderators. They might be able to remove it given it was an app issue and was out of your control.


Will handle via pm