Violation Inquiry - Possible Glitch?

Hello Tyler so today I was flying the KC-10 to RKPK and about half way there I started getting violations at cruising altitude at 30,000 feet and all of the sudden it said I was ghosted for going 280 knots and if somehow it’s not I will own up to it. And thank you for everything you guys do. I truly appreciate the experience with this sim but I’m afraid others might have the same problem. Thank you once again.

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All of the received violations were for overspeeding. As we’ve said on other threads, these violations truly are very black and white and we still haven’t seen an instance where a glitch has occurred. Typically these are gathered at cruise or during the climb/descent. Mistakes happen, but it is highly unlikely that you were awarded 6 violations for no reason at all.

Keep an eye on those critical phases and you’ll be just fine in the future!


EDIT: If you’re able to find reproducible steps for this bug I’d be happy to investigate further as well.


Were you lookin at ground speed or airspeed? There can be huge differences between the two, which I have made mistakes about before.


I’ve experienced this before. I think this is a known thing

What speed were you going at?

@ZZBossGaming This is not a Glitch, if you look at Tyler’s post you can see that he used his magical admin powers to review his violations, his violations have been picked up from Over Speeding.

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I know but the exact same thing has happened to me before and I was going at 300 knots at FL340 in a B737

I got 6 violation for it

Airspeed? 34,000 Feet? A 737? That is over the top excessive over speeding, you probably didn’t slow down and got the 6 violations.

Please check out #tutorials:flight and #tutorials ;) and please review some of our NOTAM’s pur in place by our lovely Admins :).


After the warning sound came on I slowed down to 250 knots but it kept on sounding

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I was flying at around M 0.75

Just because the sound is playing does not mean you are still getting violations. There is a known issue around this.

For example, you are speeding and the sound plays, even after slowing down the sound may still play. But you are not receiving more violations.

Just be patient and the violations will fall off in a few days.

That’s to fast for that alt

I was looking at airspeed and monitoring it

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