Violation in IF

Uhh guys i just got a level 1 violation in Training server
I am scaredd :(. Also i was going 23 knots but it
literally popped up a level 1 violation has been issued
for overspeeding above 35knots. I was literally below

theres nothing to do about it, watch your groundspeed next time.

Mannn i always take care abt my ground speed, i never crossed above 30 knots

This was probably your air speed, not your ground speed.
If you were going above 35kts, you most probably had more than 12kts headwind on the ground. It’s not uncommon :)


no need to be scared. ask people who have violation above 500 and flight time of <500hr LOL

ha?Just a small thing,don’t worry!

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Oh okay got scared

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It makes life a bit less stressful to set GS to display at the bottom of your screen, so you always have an immediate go-to location to monitor that violation sensitive speed. That also allows you to keep it under control while taxiing with external view.

Tailwind, but yeah.

Would you happen to know how long the warning chime sounds for before a violation is given?

It’s quite a while. 40 or so seconds.

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This applies to both in-air and on-ground violations? For some reason I was under the impression it was like 10 seconds, guess I don’t need to panic so much when I see the warning.

Honestly, I need to double check that. I was thinking Lvl 1 vios in general and probably air speed since that’s the one most common.

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It’s 15s for ground. Good thing you questioned me :)