Violation in flight

Will I get a violation if I forget about my flight even tho I set a timer. I don’t know if I should start a flight and fear of being gone for the TOD? I won’t arm the VNav.

If that’s the case, since you wont descend, you won’t need to worry about getting a violation on speed or anything in particular.

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No, if you miss TOD the plane will keep going to the last waypoint and:

  1. Circle around the destination airport
  2. The plane will go off to nowhere

The only way you can get a vio while being away when your speed is below the red tape is by running out of fuel and nose diving resulting in overspeed lvl 1 vios. Make sure if you think you aren’t going to be at your device for TOD to pack more extra reserve than normal to avoid this. Happy flying!

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Well, if you’re me, you forget about it for so long, you stall because you run out of fuel and get speed violations :/
I always put a couple hours extra for longer flights just in case

I recently had to give a violation to an individual for descending from their cruise altitude while they were away from their device and they were in actively controlled airspace, they didn’t understand their violation. Remember, if you ever change altitude without requesting descent, that is a violation. As long as you are not in an actively controlled airspace, such as descending through center’s airspace when they are not open, you won’t receive a violation for not communicating because you are away, however you should always be at your device while maneuvering.

Hey @Cody_Gutterman!
Here are a list of reasons for getting a violation.

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